CRM Basics

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    Does My Business Need CRM?

    Download our free PDF guide to learn what CRM is and whether your business is ready for it.

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    What Are the Benefits of CRM?

    Watch this video to learn why CRM is a must-have tool for effective sales teams.

  • Sales Process Worksheet

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About Nutshell

  • Introduction to Nutshell

    Watch this video to learn how Nutshell solves eight common problems that sales reps face every day.

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    CRM Comparison Worksheet

    Use this interactive checklist to compare Nutshell with your current contact management solution and any other CRMs you’re evaluating.

  • Nutshell Customer Stories

    Read how businesses like yours have used Nutshell to solve their challenges.

  • Nutshell for Sales Reps

    Read why Nutshell is beloved by sales reps.

  • Nutshell for Sales Managers

    Read what Nutshell has to offer the managers of sales teams.

For New Customers

  • Getting Started with Nutshell

    Watch this video to learn how to create companies, people and leads.

  • Nutshell Guided Tour

    See our award-winning CRM in action and learn how to get the most out of Nutshell for your business.

  • Onboarding Task Lists

    Ready to start selling? Download our quick-start checklists to set your team up for success.

For Existing Customers

  • Support

    Browse through instructional videos and how-to articles on dozens of topics and chat with our friendly support team.

Sales Strategy

  • sell to win playbook expert sales tips and sales advice

    The Sell to Win Playbook

    Want to learn from the masters? Read these expert tips from some of the world's most highly regarded sales thought-leaders.

There was no formal way to track our leads. We didn’t have a shared database. Everyone had individual contacts in their phone or on their computer.
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